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Few ideas for a date trip

A romantic trip allows even the world of a very nice view. For travel partner, we offer more destinations, most of which are isolated from the mainland.

Coo the arm of your lover

The Maldives is as obvious for a vacation getaway. White sand, coconut trees and crystal-clear waters here, passion is combined with tranquility and let go. Traditional small huts on stilts offer you an intimate and idyllic ambience to perfection. Flower Island will not leave you indifferent, you understood that you are in Madeira for this Ride through the hills and enjoy the sounds of the sea. Aloha for a great sunset sun and water activities here all conditions exist to offer you the most revitalizing couple trips. At the heart of the medina in Marrakech or in the shade of a traditional Riad, you will be immersed in a delicious timeless moment. But a couple can spend their honeymoon on a yacht, and working with a rent a boat agency that you have the schedule in your eyes.

I'll go wherever you will go!!!

Lapland itself as the ultimate romantic getaway. Northern lights and walks in huskies. It is good to be in love and to sail in the colorful streets of Santorini. On the small island of Kampa "Prague Venice" let yourself go to your desires in an enchanting and completely exotic. Because Sri Lanka is full of idyllic settings and activities to share with your significant other, you will be only filled to dive in the heart of traditional India and create you together with incomparable memories. Bali within a thousand flavors and the sacred temples to renew the vows. Walk in love along the Hudson River, hide and seek in the inescapable Central Park, so, you're in New York. We also know that get lost in the narrow streets of Paris is a beautiful adventure for lovers.

The islands can be incredibly romantic, away from it all, wild, fascinating. But some are more equal than others.

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