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Relaxation and wellness at home

Do you need a wellness and relaxation area at home? Balneotherapy and home spa are more and more popular and trendy!

But although you have decided to devote a budget dedicated to relaxation and well-being with the purchase of your hot tub for sale, you are still hesitating between a spa and a balneotherapy bath! If the services offered overlap, certain criteria will however guide your choice.

Advantages and disadvantages of a balneotherapy bathtub

The main advantage of the spa bath is that it is installed in your bathroom and does not take up more space than a normal bath. It is also used to take showers. This “bath and shower” version is therefore a very practical two-in-one solution! Thanks to this space saving, the whirlpool bathtub is quite easy to install.

In the balneotherapy range, you will find models of classic shape but also corner baths to adapt to your space.

Equipped with hydromassage jets, this bathtub will be the ally of your moments of relaxation. For athletes, hydromassage provides relaxing muscle well-being after exercise. The massage effect also helps reduce stress and alleviate muscle pain. On the consumption side, a spa bath uses little water compared to a spa: its capacity is around 200 liters.

There are, however, a few small drawbacks. Water cannot be stored in a spa bath, it must be emptied after each use. On the other hand, some models can be quite noisy, which can cause discomfort.

Advantages and disadvantages of a home spa

A spa at the house offers quality services: a relaxation area to unwind after a hard day and enjoy hydromassages.

There are different models of spas. We will not be talking about inexpensive inflatable spas, which have the advantage of being able to be moved, but rather solid structures. Non-inflatable hot tubs come in different materials and are therefore easily adapted to your design desires.


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